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Dropshipping Service

Dropshipping Service
1. Place dropshipping orders for your customers on our website directly
When you get paid from your customers, please following the steps:
① Pick up the items your customer ordered to your cart;
② Check out and make payment the order leave your customer shipping address;
③ After payment,We will process order then ship out to your customers directly.
④ Update tracking number for you.
(Applicable scene: Small quantity dropshipping orders, not frequently)
2. Fill in orders on google spreadsheet, so we ship according to your orders information
Google spreadsheet is good way to collect large quantity order, please following the steps:
① Contact sales: we will help you create google spreadsheet share edit permissions with you, it will be useful to collect your order online.
② Fill in the spreadsheet when you get paid from your customers with shipping and order list information.(No matter how many orders)
③ Ask our sales check total cost based on google spreadsheet.
④ After payment, we will process order then ship out to your customers directly.
⑤ Update tracking numbers in google spreadsheet.
Applicable scene: Large quantity orders one time.
We will never cross you directly to contact your customers, all customer information is only used to ensure that the package is delivered to your customers.
If the package is abnormal during delivery, we will contact you directly.
Any question please contact our sales: